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    Rana Husseini

    Internationally recognized and award winning journalist and human rights defender Rana Husseini broke the silence by exposing the phenomenon of so-called crimes of honour in Jordan.

    Not only did she shed light on such violation of the basic human right, the right of life, but she also and still is a voice of every life taken in the name of "honour".

    Husseini's coverage of and dedication to ending this unjustified practice against women helped raise national awareness and a public outcry on a topic that is traditionally considered taboo.

    Husseini has just finished writing a book on the topic hoping that it will provide people with a credible source based on real-life experience tackling a sensitive issue which is often susceptable to misconception.

    The book, entitled "Murder in the name of honour" has been published in English in both the UK and the US.The Book was released in Arabic in February 2010.For more information on the book and release dates, click on the links below:

    view UK press release

    view US press release

    The book has already been released recently in the Netherlands in Dutch.For more information on the book in Dutch please click on the link below :


    Husseini is also the author of the following reports and books:

    1. Author of a research paper that was included in the book “Honour, Violence, Women and Islam”, Routledge, Edited by Mohammad Mazhar Idriss and Tahir Abbas, 2010. The chapter is entitled “A comparative study of the reform work conducted in Asia and Europe to combat violence and ‘so-called’ honour murders."
    2. Author of Jordan’s Country Report that was included in Freedom House’s survey on “Women’s Rights in the Middle East and North Africa 2010”.
    3. http://freedomhouse.org/template.cfm?page=384&key=256&parent=24&report=86
    4. Author of Jordan’s Country Report that was included in the American Islamic Congress’s 2010 publication “A Modern Narrative for Muslim Women in the Middle East.” http://www.aicongress.org/prog/Women/WomenMain.html