About so-called "Crimes of Honor"



So-called "Crimes of Honor" are effectively the murder of girls or women by their fathers, brothers or other male relatives to "cleanse their family honor".

This type of murder takes place almost all over the world but it is identified in different ways according to culture, religion, social practices and gender relations.

This label has been given to such crimes because they have been, and continue to be, carried out, justified and excused in the name of "honor".

Honor in the context of these crimes implies the honor of a man, and by extension the family, who feels his own and his family's reputation was disgraced by the behavior of his sister, daughter, wife or mother.

Often evidence of a crime is not necessary – gossip and rumor are enough condemnation for the victim.

The man chosen by the family to carry out the murder brutally ends his female relative's life to cleanse the family of the “shame” she brought upon the family or tribe.

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